Week 7 Thought Control

This week we were introduced to the 7 Day Mental Diet. No bad thoughts. In all honesty this is a tough one. From politicians to actors from neighbors to relatives we are are prone to negative thoughts. I am sure that even some of the Enlighten Ones (to quote Mark) had “bad hair days”. In our early days (before we could walk and talk) negative thoughts were non existent. When we began to explore our environment thought patterns changed. We were told not to do certain negatives. At first, simple things like do not touch a hot stove or do not go swimming after eating. Our environment generated patterns of thoughts, some of which, unfortunately were negative in nature. The red pencil syndrome reinforced these patterns. These patterns became part of our old Blue Print. Again this is undoubtable part of the Master Key Plan to free us from the Old Blue Print. Subby is the prize and the conscious mind is the giver of hope or disappointment. In other word the Gate Keeper. Seven days can be a long time. (In fact it can feel like an eternity.) At first 7 second was along time. Mark says that most people can not hold a thought for 6 seconds. Holding no negative thoughts for a week is rough. Even harder in my opinion than not having any opinions. Everything which Mark is teaching us is accumulative. The goal is free thinkers. The Laws of Growth and Dual Thought are helping me. I often say the affirmation “I can be what I will to be” after a negative thought and then start the whole process over.

The journey continues.

2 thoughts on “Week 7 Thought Control

  1. Luigi, good for you for saying the affirmation, “I can be what I will to be”. From your blog rover friend John.


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