We have all heard this expression. In the past (and in the future) I often just try to relax. I am up to 20 minutes of

just sitting still. I can even hold a thought for more than 6 seconds. (Actually difficult to be sure) After seeing the

Supplement Video to Week 4 I am not just astonished but also humble. 40 billion. The only numbers I have heard

that high are in the national debt range. They are all working for me. I just have to learn how to train the. The MKMMA

is the key to helping myself to do that. Mark has said many times you have control over only one think Your MIND.

This coincides with the AUTO Suggestive. A thought and a series of synapses. The combinations and permutations

may be even greater than the number of stars in the Universe. We have the ability to become part of the Universal.

Thoughts that wire together fire together. I have studied science and have been trained to think in a logical and progressive

manner. This concept of connecting a feeling to a thought opens up new challenges and horizons for me.

I am a novice at this and I wish to become part of the Universal. The need to develop new habits and get rid of my old


I recite my DMP with feeling and get a chills of excitement that reaches to all part of my nervous system.

I have become more observant of the world around me. Subby in in for more shocks.

The road to becoming a free thinker is getting clearer. I expect there will be stumbling blocks but I look forward to the


Peace Be The Journey.

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