Beam Me Up Scotty has been used by my generations of Trekkies for the past 50 years. The show was low budget and was almost

canceled the first season. However the idea of Star Trek held promise of a better and brighter future for mankind.

In many ways the MKMMA is a familiar idea. It started as an ideal in the Minds of Mark and his beautiful wife.

It slowly grew to become a concept whose time has come. Imagine a world of free thinkers. The March to 3000

is slowly evolving but the world will be better for it. The concept of the frontal lobe is wonderous. The mysteries of the brain

have much more to reveal lo us. If we think it, give it thought with enthusiasm and feeling, Stubby will find the way. I must

confess that my imagination has taken a quantum leap. I am imagining the room adding details, smells, conversations,

furniture, wall hangings. The list can be endless. The holodeck – my frontal lobe – is allowing me to do this. I can affirm

“I can be what I will to be” Say it with FEELING and it will eventually manifest itself.

Remember that Subby has no defense. You must be the gatekeeper. Garbage in Garage out.

This course is getting better and better every week.

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