Here we go again with the number 7. Evidently there are more than 7 ways but 7 is enough for me

I learn best by listening.. I would record lessons from my school days and heard them several times. I retained the most

this way. Now I have a bonus and have 6 more ways that I do not even know I had.

The idea of listening to the information with back ground music is I think unique. I have designed two.

One is with the “Eye of the Tiger” and the other is “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. I have always been fond of both.

The Eye of the Tiger provokes in me the willingness to “go fot it”. ” It” meaning anything I set my mind “Subby” to do.

The other is a slow build up to a climax of intensive strength The exercises that accompanies them will definitely help sculpture

my body and mind. All 7 ways comes together. The bottom line is a better me. I will continue to do the exercises and do the sit

etc. I am loving this.

I always keep mu promises.

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