I guess humanity has been playing a game for eons which I just found out abut. Carrots you Win Sticks you Lose.

Evidently it is hard wired into a genes. If we discuss the Sticks part of the game. No good. It is a losing preposition.

The Carrot past of the game is more intersting. Our ancestors learned habits to increse their chance of getting the Carrot.

Og has said that if it is a good habit you become a slave to it. The logic is perfect. However in the modern world carrots are

easier to come by. Go to the grocery store and you have almost unlimited choices. Many good and just as many bad.

Good for the “I: in you and also bad for “I” in you. In the Scroll Marked II we read “I will zealously inspect all things

which enter my body, my mind, my soul, and my heart” It goes hand in hand with Haanel that we need the guardians at the gate.

I have been trying to develop good habits. My DMP of Liberty and Legacy are helping me to learn new habits. I use the dictionary

more than I used to. It is amazing how much you really do not know about the definition of common words.

The Bible says that your body is a temple. The more I read and do the simple exercises given to us the more I realize how true

this is. I observe more of the world around me. I observe but do not express an opinion. I believe that giving opinions is hard

wired in us. We just have a develop new habits to replace them.

I am enjoy the MKMMA course more each week but have much more to learn.

I Always Keep My Promises.

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