As a child I played with blocks of different shapes and different colors. I will not hide the fact that sometimes I tried

putting a square object in a round hole. Child hood is about experimentation. We learn about the world around us and we can do anything we can imagine. We learn through experimentation. We fall We get up. We learnt to talk. The one scenario I remember about my children was their early ability to say NO NO NO.

Mark and his Merry Team are allowing us to be children again. We get to draw shapes and then color them.

When I was a child I often did not color within the lines. Now I can say that I have learned that ability. However now these shapes and colors are associated with simple little chores. Clean this or sweep that becomes easier. As OG says any habit (or associated chore) becomes easy and it become a pleasure to perform. The little yet simples chores allow us to learn. When combined with colors and shapes

they become even more pleasurable Our imagination within that inner world that never sleeps. is awaked. When I promise to do the chores I take on a responsibility Say it out loud and Subby is awaken to do our bidding. The tasks are very easy. I am a child again and the world around me is wonderful and boundless. I am noticing more about the world around me. I get to play with shapes and colors again. My imagination is again flowing.

I am looking forward to the new me.

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